Regarding its own production, the EIKON Icon Workshop offers you a wide and varied range of products, custom models executed on different materials: pallet, on the counter or in wooden frames, MDF, canvas, glass, but also other materials.

We also run icons of various sizes, extending up to 1.6 meters long. However, we also remember the icons placed, laminated, diptychs and triptychs, also found in their own production.

In addition to this, in the Atelier we also make icons lithographed in wooden frames, but also icons painted on lime wood with cross, gilded, with 24 karat gold leaf, with agate stone – technique of achievement taken from the great masters. Byzantines of old.

Moreover, we realize the painting of the vails and enjoy a rich experience in this regard. Here, at the EIKON Workshop, we believe that each icon is destined for a soul to value and value it, which is why we execute personalized products, with over 300 available models – representations of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, the Feasts and Saints .

The motivation of setting up the EIKON Workshop was to create in addition to the production of series and unique icons, to reach the home of each Christian.

Our range includes both Byzantine and realistic icons, aiming to provide you with the widest palette of choice, without neglecting the quality and uniqueness of EIKON products.

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